Roads Plans, Reports and Studies

Roads: Plans, Reports and Studies

  • Highway 28 Functional Design Study: Final Report Part 1
  • Highway 28 Functional Design Study: Final Report Part 2
    • In order to accommodate the growing demand of traffic in the community, the City of Cold Lake started the Highway 28 twinning project in 2009, from 54 Avenue in Cold Lake South to 10th Street in Cold Lake North.
    • With the initial twinning project now complete, City staff are examining twinning the rest of Highway 28 – from 54 Avenue south to the City limits. In 2012 the City awarded the Highway 28 Functional Design Project to Stantec with the objective of identifying the land foot print and the intersection upgrades that would be necessary for that stretch of Highway 28 to become a major corridor.
    • The plan was adopted by council in 2015.
    • As it stands, Highway 28 accommodates about 20,000 vehicles a day and plays an important role in the city’s – and the region’s – transportation network. The highway sees significant industrial, commercial and recreational traffic. This traffic is expected to continue to grow with the city, its business community, and the surrounding industry.
  • Transportation Study
    • The transportation study was conducted by Associated Engineering in 2010 to analyze traffic volumes and patterns in the City of Cold Lake, and predict the future needs of infrastructure.