Existing Plans

Existing Plans

The City's Planning services include carrying out long and short range planning activities to meet the community's economic, social and environmental needs. The department reviews and provides technical advice regarding subdivision applications and rezoning applications and creates, implements and enforces policies from the City's Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans and Land Use Bylaw.

The City of Cold Lake has several planning documents which, along with the Land Use Bylaw, help guide development in our community.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The MDP is the principal planning document for the City. It is a forward-looking document that articulates the community's vision, goals, objectives, and policies that will guide Cold Lake's physical, social, and economic development to accommodate a projected population of 30,000 by 2037.

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)

The IDP lays out the current and proposed land use options between the City of Cold Lake and the Municipal District of Bonnyville. 

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) - this is a large document and may take some time to download.

Area Structure Plans (ASP)

ASPs provide the framework for all subdivision and development within a specific area of land. ASPs provide detail and rationalizations for planning concepts, including information on the natural landscape, resource extraction, existing and proposed land uses; adjacent land uses, historical and cultural resources, storm water management, public open spaces, transportation and access, municipal services, community services, and development sequence.

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP)

ARPs are created for existing neighbourhoods that have been identified for revitalization for economic or tourism benefits, the need to add restrictions to future development in historically important areas, or due to neighbourhood decline.  

Outline Plans

Outline Plans provide more detail than ASPs. They typically refer to smaller parcels of land and include local road plans, service connections, lot distribution and size.