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Arts and Culture

Alberta Native Friendship Centre Association

Native Friendship Centres are dedicated to providing culturally-based programs and services that respond to the distinct needs of urban Aboriginal people in their communities.

phone: 780-423-3138
fax: 780-425-6277

Association canadienne-francaise de l'Alberta Cold Lake/Bonnyville

phone: 780-826-5275
fax: 780-826-1923

Bonnyville Potters Club

phone: 780-826-5204
fax: 780-826-4746

Canadian Folk Dancing Society

phone: 780-826-6825
fax: 780-594-6577

Canadian Native Friendship Centre

phone: 780-59-7526
fax; 780-594-1599

Cold Lake Museum
Open daily from 10am to 4pm from May 3 to September 1 - appointments in the off-season.

phone: 780-594-3546

Cold Lake Music Festival

An organization that provides an opportunity for private or school system music and speech to students to participate in a regional music festival. Runs 2 weeks in March. Sessions are open to the public at no cost.

phone: 780-594-2528

Fame Dance Studio

All ages, groups or private, many types of dance to choose from.

phone: 780-871-1494

Kinosoo Performing Arts Society

phone: 780-639-4855 or 780-594-2085 or 780-639-2648

Livingstone Art and Gem

phone: 780-594-7315

Metis nation Bonnyville Region 2

phone: 780-826-7483

Music for Young Children (ages 3-adult)
International website linked to Cold Lake music teachers.

phone: 780-639-4789

Pirouette School of Dance

3rd Floor, 5007-50 Avenue
phone: 780-594-4222

Visual Arts Society of Cold Lake

No current home. Local art can be viewed at various locations across the city. Check the website for details.

phone: 780-594-6105

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