Cold Lake Volunteer Income Tax Program

The objective of the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) is to help eligible individuals who are not able to prepare their income tax and benefit returns by themselves.  It is intended to ensure that all taxpayers have equal access to the tax system. The CVITP is a partnership between the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and community organizations which host tax preparation clinics and arrange for volunteers to prepare tax returns for eligible individuals. 

Lend a Hand! Become a Tax Volunteer!
Canada Revenue Agency offers free volunteer tax training clinics to community organizations and individuals across the country to teach them how to complete basic income tax and benefit returns.  Volunteers participating in these sessions are also provided with a kit of handy references and working material.  There is an expectation that those attending the training will assist in the preparation of tax returns for seniors and low income individuals in our community. If you are interested in helping with this important program, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 780-594-4495.

Need a hand to prepare your tax return?
If you are unable to prepare your income tax and benefit return yourself, the CVITP may be able to help you. The CVITP assists eligible taxpayers who have low income, and simple, non-complex tax situations.

Eligibility Guidelines

Taxpayer status Family Income
Single up to $30,000
Couple up to $40,000
One adult with child up to $35,000

Volunteers do not prepare tax returns for complex situations such as:

  • returns for deceased persons;
  • individuals who file for bankruptcy;
  • self-employed individuals;
  • individuals who report capital gains or losses; or
  • individuals who report employment expenses, or business or rental income and expenses.

To find if you are eligible or to make an appointment, call Cold Lake and District FCSS at 780-594-4495.

For more information you can visit the CRA CVITP website.