Bus Drivers Coffee Break (Cold Lake Bus Drivers)

Bus Drivers Coffee Break

Bullying can occur whenever children gather, and that includes the school bus.  “Bullying can be easy to miss on the school bus as drivers are busy concentrating and cannot easily supervise all the students while driving.  However, it is important that drivers are alert to all signs of aggressive behavior.  Bus drivers are not only responsible for getting students to school safely; they must also ensure students are safe while on the journey”.  In support of all our bus drivers, the Cold Lake Bully Free Committee will be hosting a coffee break for all our local school bus drivers.  There will be guest speakers with tips on how to reduce school bus bullying.  Please call FCSS at 780-594-4495 for more information and to register.

Date:  Thursday, November 07
Time:  9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Location:  Cold Lake and District FCSS
Contact:  Cold Lake and District FCSS
Cost:  Free, registration is required

Thursday, November 7, 2019