2021 Municipal Election

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City of Cold Lake 2021 Municipal Election

The next City of Cold Lake election will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021, when voters will elect one Mayor and six Councillors. The Mayor and Councillors are elected “at large,” meaning that each elected official represents every resident of the City.

The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) governs municipal elections in Alberta. It sets out rules and regulations for candidates, donors, electors, and election administrators that must be followed before, during and after an election. Additionally, the Cold Lake Bylaw No. 682-AD-20, Election Bylaw establishes the rules specific to the City of Cold Lake’s municipal election.

The City of Cold Lake will update the following list of candidates who have been officially nominated for the 2021 election. Nominations may be received as early as January 1, 2021 and up to 12:00 pm on September 20, 2021. Nomination packages must be submitted to Cold Lake City Hall. See candidate information below for more details. 
List of Nominated Candidates

Candidates for Mayor

Craig Copeland
Candidates for Councillor

Ryan Bailey
Murray Gauthier

The following information should be reviewed by all prospective candidates:

•    The City of Cold Lake: Prospective Candidate Information Package (updated Feb.12, 2021)
•    Tentative Calendar of Election Events October - December 2021 (updated Feb.12, 2021)
•    Municipal Affairs: A Candidate’s Guide: Running for Municipal Office in Alberta
•    Cold Lake Bylaw: 682-AD-20, Election Bylaw
•    Cold Lake Bylaw No. 618-AD-18, Council Code of Conduct
•    Cold Lake Policy No. 123-AD-10 Council Compensation Policy
•    Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA)

Prospective candidates may also wish to seek legal advice regarding their obligations.

As of January 1, 2021, nominations are open for the position of Mayor and Councillor. Nominations will be accepted at City Hall during regular business hours.

All prospective nominees must submit the following to City Hall:

•    $200 Deposit (payable to the City of Cold Lake)
•    Form 4 Nomination Paper and Candidate's Acceptance
•    Form 5 Candidate Financial Information
•    Form A Release of Candidate Information
•    Form C Release of Official Agents Information (if an Official Agent is appointed)
•    Form 16R Statement of Scrutineer or Official Agent  (if an Official Agent or Scrutineer is appointed)

Prospective candidates may pick up copies of the forms and resources at City Hall during regular business hours.

Contact information

All questions respecting the 2021 municipal election should be directed to:

Kristy Isert, Returning Officer at:
election2021@coldlake.com or

Voter information

Additional information for voters, including the voting process and locations, will be posted as the 2021 Municipal Election approaches.